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Kastielektrirataste rent Pärnus ja Kihnu saarel

Rental of box electric bikes with a powerful battery both in Pärnu and Kihnu island in 2023

Environmentally friendly electric bikes have become an increasingly popular means of transportation in recent years. They are particularly suitable for those people who want to enjoy fresh air and a pleasant ride without strong physical effort. Electric bikes are suitable for both city travel and hiking. Is after all, one of the inseparable emotions of summer is to feel a light gust of wind in your hair, to smell the scent of flowers and plants, and to hear birds singing in your ears. When you ride an electric bike, you can enjoy long distances with ease.


Portal Lahedalt Lahe has even two great news for the summer of 2023

You are coming to the summer capital for vacation, but what to do in Pärnu in the summer? Plans to go on a trip to Kihnu island, but what to do there?

In order to enjoy an active holiday, coolly coolly recommends renting durable box electric bikes with a powerful battery, because that way you will make your journey even more enjoyable. You are more in the moment and experience the emotions of the holiday even better.


Driving with a box electric bike is carefree - You give the electric bike an easy boost mootor teeb ülejäänu

In the case of a box electric bike, it is a so-called assisting electric motor, which means that the motor supports your cranking according to the selected level and gear. It's a breeze and anyone can handle this ride.

The box holds a lot

Have you found yourself on vacation thinking that there is nowhere to put things? Would you like to bring a beach towel, picnic basket, beach ball? No problem! The bike box has seats for four children and the bike's load capacity is 100 kg. In this way, even a vacationer traveling around with the heaviest luggage can easily fit his arsenal.


How far can you ride an electric bike?

The length of the journey depends on the weight of passengers and luggage. One battery charge will run on average  60km. 

Price list 2023 

Kastielektri bike rental for one day costs 60 euros.


Booking information

To reserve an electric box bike, send an e-mail or call +372 53 400 065.